• Low Flow Compounds

    GFL Americas offers all of the industry standard low flow blends and much more. Using finely tuned blending operations and equipment, we are able to offer the highest quality blends, never clumpy and compacted but rather light and aerated. Our goal is to not only supply you, the customer, with blends that will meet even the toughest specifications, but also save you valuable labor with blends that will easily and quickly fill molds. Superior blends, superior processing and superior performance… G-Flow engineered Low Flow compounds.

  • Free Flow Compounds

    Our free flow compounds are manufactured using proprietary and environmentally friendly methods. We specifically engineer our products for improved flowability and high bulk density. Primarily used in automatic molding applications, G-Flow Free Flow compounds can be customized for your specific application. Superior particle shape, customizable bulk density, and flow….G-Flow Engineered Free Flow compounds.

  • Presintered Compounds

    We are capable of presintering any of our high quality pelletized compounds...

  • Custom Compounds

    If you dont see what you need listed here, feel free to contact us and ask about custom blends...

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